Q1. What is HCL’s Foundation Skilling Program?  

HCL’s Foundation Skilling Program is a gateway for high school students looking for a career in IT. Candidates who express interest in signing up for this skilling program undergo three months of foundation training which includes IT Essentials and Ethics & Business Communication.

Q2. What kind of training will the candidates undergo as part of the Foundation Skilling Program? How is this training offered?  

Students who enroll for Foundation Skilling Program undergo three month of foundation training which includes – IT Essentials, Ethics and Business Communications. This training is offered in hybrid mode comprising - Mentor Led Virtual Training + Self-Learn + DIY kits.

Q3. Does HCL provide the course material?  

Yes, candidates will receive all the study materials for the training program. They also have access to best-in-class Learning Management System, an online system, that fosters learning with peer-based discussions, online assessments, assignments and case-based submissions.

Q4. Where will the candidates be trained?  

All the training sessions will be conducted virtually.

Q5. Is there any fee for HCL TechBee Program?  

HCL Foundation Skilling Program is a sponsored training program for high school students completed year 12 who express interest and get selected do not have to pay any joining fee.

Q6. Who is Eligible to apply for HCL’s Skilling Program?  

HCL’s Foundation Skilling Program is a gateway of career opportunities for candidates who want to pursue a career in Technology. To be eligible, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Australian Citizen/Permanent Resident who has successfully completed high school exams in the year 2020, 2019 or 2018
  • Candidate should have studied Mathematics in high school and secured a score of minimum 60% marks

Q7. What is the selection process for this program?  

The selection for HCL’s Foundation Skilling Program is purely on merit basis. Candidates are invited to appear for an Online Test. Those who successfully clear the test would appear for an Interview discussion, after which HCL will issue Letter of Interest/offer letter.

Q8. What happens after three months of Foundation Skilling Program?  

Upon successfully completing the Three Month Foundation Skilling Program, students have the following options:

  • They can appear for HCL Career Aptitude Test (HCL CAT). Students who are sucsessfully assessed in HCL Career Aptitude Test will be enrolled for TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program – wherein they will undergo 9 months of job-based training & internship that will prepare them for entry level job roles at HCL.
  • Students can benefit from what they learned during HCL Foundation Skilling Program and may pursue their careers or higher education elsewhere.

Q9. Why should you consider joining HCL’s Foundation Skilling Program? How does the program benefits students?  

HCL’s Foundation Skilling Program a gateway of opportunities for candidates who want to start their career in technology. Here are some compelling reasons why should candidates join HCL’s Foundation Skilling Program:

  • The program is sponsored by HCL and therefore you don’t have to worry about funding or financial support.
  • The program opens up avenues for you to start your career with HCL Technologies, one of the world’s largest IT companies
  • You get trained on IT Essentials, Ethics, Business Communications and Processes all of which sets a strong foundation for your tech career
  • HCL’s Foundation skilling program is your entry point for TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program which open up the opportunity to pursue full-time job within HCL right after high school. Upon successful assessment of the HCL TechBee Program, students will be eligible to pursue full-time job with HCL Technologies and also get an opportunity to pursue higher education with leading Universities in Australia

Q10. Who do I get in touch with to seek clarifications and further guidance?  

Interested candidates can apply for the HCL’s Foundation Skilling Program on our website. Link: https://www.hcltechbee.com/australia/ For further details, candidates are advised get in touch with assigned HCL Counsellors at 02 8081 5762 or write to us at hcl.au@hcl.com and our team will get in touch with you.

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