TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program

This is an exclusive job program for individuals who are looking for full-time jobs after high school. Candidates undergo 12 months of training for entry-level IT jobs and on successful completion, candidates are employed in full-time jobs with HCLTech.

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What Makes TechBee Program Different

HCL TechBee is India’s first-of-its-kind program which offers assured jobs to students right after Class XII. The program prepares young students for global careers in technology. With this opportunity, candidates not only get financial independence but also a chance to pursue higher education with some of the most prestigious Universities and Higher Educational Institutions. Post successful completion of the program, TechBee scholars get a chance to work as HCLTech employee and work for several Fortune 500 clients.

Subbaraman B
Senior Vice President, HCLTech

In today’s world, technology is a major disrupter. The constantly evolving sphere of IT requires a talent pool that can adapt and be skilled for in-demand roles and learn along the way. We embed this culture of innovation and ideapreneurship in our TechBee scholars through various means. We allow them to be CEOs of their ideas. We have multiple cohorts who join us, and are prepared for entry level positions, working on HCLTech's global projects. We have partnered with BITS PILANI, AMITY University online, SASTRA University, KL University and IIM Nagpur to ensure TechBees continue their higher education through work integrated learning programs.

Apparao V V
Chief Delivery Officer, HCLTech

Career Roles

IT Services

Start your career as an IT Services Executive working in areas of software, testing, design engineering, Infrastructure and Service Desk support

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Digital Process Support

Start your career as a Digital Process Support working on in-demand skills of IT Support

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TechBee Program Advantages


"I didn’t have to take help from my parents as it made me independent. I am learning new things daily like computing knowledge and improving myself in various skills like communication and professional behavior. Moreover, while working, I also get an option to pursue higher education. Overall, it's a win-or-win platform for my career."

Anamika Shukla TechBee Scholar, Noida

"TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program has given me the right path in my life. It has accelerated my journey toward success. In this program, I have come across many practical things which were not there in the regular curriculum. Regular programs are great but the TechBee Program runs on out-of-the-box thinking. So, this has brought practical success in my life.”

Aryan Jain TechBee Scholar, Noida

"TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program offers me a great career path as it gives me an insight into what happens in the corporate world. It allows me to interact with foreign clients and brings out the best in my personality"

Ananya Gupta TechBee Scholar, Noida

"I believed in TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program and invested my life in it. They rewarded me with a prosperous and financially independent future. Now I can start packing my bag and travel the world with my earnings."

Jess Lyju TechBee Scholar, Kerala

"Joining one of the leading MNCs of India, at such a young age, was a dream come true moment for me. TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program made me financially independent and an experienced corporate employee."

Vighnesh Syam Prakash TechBee Scholar, Kerala

“I Dreamt of becoming an artist and now I am a Design Engineer TechBee program made me job ready with additional skills like practical knowledge, behavioral skills, communication styles and email etiquettes. Furthermore, I can now pursue my Bachelor’s degree with my own money.”

Sindhuja S TechBee Scholar, Madurai

From a young age, I was fascinated by computers and how they worked. My wide-eyed fascination coupled with my lifelong desire to help people drew me to the STEM shores aboard the TechBee boat. My colleagues at HCLTech have also been a source of inspiration and have been extremely helpful in my professional development.”

Muskaan TechBee Scholar, Uttar Pradesh

"TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program gave me a lot of confidence to pursue higher studies. Further, it reshaped my communication skills and empowered me with cutting-edge professional skills".

Md. Ali TechBee Scholar, Telangana

TechBee - HCL’s Early Career program makes students learn, grow and earn in this competitive society. Being a TechBee, I get a chance to explore top-notch IT solutions and best practices besides learning about the corporate field at an early age.”

Sanjay D TechBee Scholar, Karnataka

Since childhood I was given to believe that higher studies and eventually the burden of job will erode my hobbies and passion. But it definitely was not so with TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program.”

Abhinav Yadav TechBee Scholar, Lucknow

This program has paved the way to help me listen my inner calling which helped me to transform my personal & professional skills. Now I know that no milestone is too big for me to conquer.”

Arpit Raj TechBee Scholar, Lucknow

The best thing about this program is that HCLTech provides financial support and we can continue our Higher Education with nationally acclaimed Universities. After joining this program, I gained immense knowledge - theoretical as well as technical.

Rahul Tomar TechBee Scholar, Lucknow

TechBee Scholar, Noida HCL TechBee has transformed me as a professional and enhanced my entire personality and overall aspects of life. Being a part of one of the best IT companies, I got a lucrative opportunity in the field of Automation and Virtual reality, which booming the market.”

Shivansh Upadhyay TechBee Scholar, Noida

This program helped me learn core technology skills, from a point where I had zero knowledge of coding. TechBee is an early career program and the opportunities to work and grow with TechBee are same at HCLTech, like they are for someone who joins the company after completing their graduation.”

Samineni Nikhil TechBee Scholar, Telangana

TechBee empowers and instills a sense of financial freedom from an early age when most students are exploring to strike the right balance between education and career. I have a defined career path inside HCLTech and started higher education with BITS Pilani

Adarsh Puli TechBee Scholar, Telangana

Having a modest economic background doesn’t matter if you have a mindset to grow and a good platform to lad yourself. As I completed my class XII, this program helped me to step into the corporate world at a very young age.

Harshita Rane TechBee Scholar, Banglore

TechBee helped me fulfill my dream of an early career and becoming financially independent while I could pursue higher education after bagging a job at HCLTech.”

Katta Ashish TechBee Scholar, Vijayawada

I found my spark when I joined TechBee. As assured, there was no looking back after that…one thing after the other happened – the program, then internship, followed by interview, offer letter, job and higher education. Today I can proudly say that I am financially independent ahead of my peers.”

Pavan Thonagar TechBee Scholar, Hyderabad

I believe that life is not meant to be lived in one place. TechBee helped me travel in my career and fulfill my dreams.”

Sachin Mahto TechBee Scholar, Lucknow

I had just completed Class 12 examinations when I joined the TechBee program where I got exposure to participate in various official events and interact with experienced professionals. This was 360 degree development.”

Kalyani Kandakatla TechBee Scholar, Telangana

Government Partnerships

Collaborating with Government Departments and Skill Development Missions HCLTech has partnered with various government departments and skill development missions across the country to create an employable skilled workforce

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