Learning to see the positive things of life. HCL TechBee helped me see the brighter side of life when I joined during the pandemic. When all my peers were struggling with their education, I had already started working with an opportunity to pursue education parallely.

Nupur Agrawal

HCLTech, Nagpur

I never thought my journey would be off the mark so quickly both personally and professionally
HCL TechBee gave me the opportunity to step up the accelerator from day one. For a tech savvy person, this is the place to be.

Nilesh Shaw

HCLTech, Lucknow

HCL TechBee helped me give birth to Booky Titbits – my blog on books. Without being a burden on my parents for supporting me through higher education and job search, TechBee settled me in life to such an extent that I could fulfill my long-cherished dream of starting my own blog on my favourite subject – books.

Subhashree Mahimaa

HCLTech, Chennai

I got a new leaf in the book of my life. The essence of the HCL TechBee programme is enhancement of practical knowledge in a professional environment. It changed my perspective regarding life which was earlier only limited to the knowledge gathered from books.

Rishi Vinay Kumar

HCLTech, Vijayawada

Traveling with TechBee is a whole new experience altogether. If I could, I would only be traveling and exploring the world. But in reality it is important to have education and a career in order to support our travelogues. So, TechBee is my support system to pursue my passion.

Vertika Sharma

HCLTech, Noida

I could nurture my career like I nurture my plants. HCL TechBee programme de-stressed me from all the anxieties of Higher Education and job-hunt. Additionally, it made me responsible and caring which was earlier only focused on the plants in my garden.

Subashri S K

HCLTech, Chennai

A newspaper advertisement changed the destiny of my life. Having the background of being a speaker at my school on several occasions, the HCL TechBee programme ensured that I could continue my interest of public speaking by enhancing my speaking skills and confidence.

Ravyanshu Preet

HCLTech, Noida

Living life in my own terms, living life kingsize. HCL TechBee gave me confidence to become self sufficient by becoming financially independent early in life. Being a travel bug, I can now travel & live life my way.


HCLTech, Haridwar

I can pursue my passion of music while not having to compromise my studies and career.
HCL TechBee created this opportunity for me to become financially independent, empowered with education while seriously pursuing my passion as well.

Ashi Saxena

HCLTech, Gwalior

HCL TechBee Program is a golden opportunity for everyone to get independent at a very early age. I got a chance to learn many new technologies and was able to work in a corporate environment with experienced professionals at an age when my classmates were dropping a year for preparation of competitive exams or pursuing graduation. After coming here, I was trained to improve my communication as well as technical skills. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to participate in this program.

Shakti Kohli

HCLTech, Noida

“I had joined the TechBee about 18 months ago. As I was very curious about learning new things, it was a great platform to explore. Our trainers were approachable making us understand concepts in the easiest way. Every day was a new opportunity to grab new things. I enjoyed every bit of my journey at TechBee.”

M.D. Sai Krishna

HCLTech, Vijaywada

“The most interesting thing about the TechBee programme was the usage of different methodologies to teach the basic concepts while helping us identify our goals. Analyzing whether we are in right track and identifying what we could do to perform better was the mantra followed throughout. Learning together like this helped us in becoming more articulate and innovative as well”

Kumbha Lakshmi Divya

HCLTech, Vijaywada

As a TechBee, I learnt a lot of things regarding discipline, behaviour, and technical knowledge. In my journey here, I enjoyed learning new things every day. Our trainers also encouraged us to perform many activities to improve our skills. This was a wonderful opportunity for youngsters like us who want to build their career while pursuing higher studies.

Shaik Vishrath

HCLTech, Vijayawada

“Giving opportunities to Class XII students are like giving opportunities to fresh and future minds of the country. That is the right time and courses like HCL TechBee provide the right platform. I am lucky to have received such training myself. We become financially independent faster thereby contributing to the country’s economy as well”

Aaina Bansal

HCLTech, Noida

“Being in HCL TechBee program gave me the opportunity to interact using advanced technologies to learn Java, C++ while picking up practical experience as well. I think I would have otherwise had to wait for four more years to learn all of this and then struggle to find a job”

Preet Sharma

HCLTech, Noida

“When I was selected for HCL’s Early Career Program, I had lot of questions and I was unsure – whether to join or not. The uncertainty about future and the assurance of a job would bogg me down all the time. However, I realized that I took the best decision of my life by joining this TechBee program”

Vishal Sharma

HCLTech, Noida

“As a class XII pass out, my understanding of programming languages was very limited till I undertook the HCL TechBee Early Career programme. Today not only can I understand it but can write programs myself. Joining HCL has been a life changing decision for me and my family is also very happy about it”

Kajal Chaudhary

HCLTech, Noida

My experience during the HCL TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program has been great. Intensive curriculum and exposure to varied technologies were the best aspect of this program. My overall personality has been transformed. My communication skills are much better. Today I am a confident girl ready to face the challenges of workplace…

Pavithra Jagdish

HCLTech, Chennai

“The faculty guided us well throughout the program ensuring that we never feel bored or burdened at any time. I am surprised myself that today, I am able to code and help my fellow project members with their deliverables. Besides, HCL TechBee program has also made me a more confident person and there has been no looking back”


HCLTech, Madurai

“My journey at HCL has been full of learning and growth opportunities. This TechBee training has opened many doors that I never knew existed such as pursuing higher education through reputed universities like BITS Pilani and SASTRA. I feel blessed and grateful for this exciting career path where I can apply the knowledge that I was imparted to me”

Karishma Kushwaha

HCLTech, Noida

“I am excited about what all I learnt during my training at HCL and it does feel good to implement this knowledge in a real-world scenario. The TechBee programme was is very contextual yet reader-friendly. Working on global accounts with great teammates have been the highlight of my career till now at HCL…”-

Amit Banerjee

HCLTech, Noida

“It has been four months since I joined HCL. I am really enjoying the environment here and the relevant industry knowledge that I gained from the TechBee course has changed me a lot. I am really grateful to work in a place which facilitates us to grow to greater heights while assuring us of a secured future”

Sarthak Kumar

HCLTech, Lucknow

“The enlightening training of the HCL TechBee program has been really interactive and -informative. During the training, I have earned enormous technical knowledge besides practical know-how regarding corporate life. I think becoming conversant with professional life at an early age will allow me to spread my wings in the right direction further in the future”

Alankrita Singh

HCLTech, Lucknow

“HCL’s Early Career program has a great intensive curriculum and exposure to various technologies is the highlight of the program. My comprehensive personality in terms of both communication and technical skills has been transformed magically. Now I am the optimistic confident girl who is ready to face any challenges at workplace”

Saloni Tandon

HCLTech, Lucknow

“HCL proved to be a turning point in my life. From being an anxious boy to now where I stand – confident about my future with clear life goals. The TechBee course has given me the initial push that every fresher needs. I am now looking forward to enhancing my skills in the field of IT sector”

Kartikeya Singh

HCLTech, Lucknow

“Being a part of HCL early career program was my best decision because getting into an IT MNC at this age and getting the IT experience was an amazing opportunity. Apart from this, the program groomed my knowledge in various IT sectors and at the end of my training I find myself ready to face the challenges after getting on the project..”.

Chanakya Wankhede

HCLTech, Nagpur

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