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"HCL brings a very effective and enjoyable chance to learn about various technologies through this early career program. It enhanced my knowledge about the technical world and communication and helped me to firm my goal. The best part of the training is that it makes us aware of the working environment with hands-on experience. Now I am feeling confident about my career..."

Chanakya Wankhede
Scholar @ HCL Nagpur

"Being a part of HCL early career program was my best decision because getting into an IT MNC at this age and getting the IT experience was an amazing opportunity. Apart from this, the program groomed my knowledge in various IT sectors and at the end of my training I find myself ready to face the challenges after getting on the project..."

Aastha Bramhey
Scholar @ HCL Nagpur

"It is a great opportunity that I got to work in a corporate environment where I am encouraged to gain knowledge regarding IT and new technologies with experienced professionals. I feel becoming a professional at an early age will make me fly very high and achieve success at a very early stage..."

Durgesh Raut
Scholar @ HCL Nagpur

"Enrolling in HCL TechBee Program gave me a remarkable opportunity where I came to know more about IT skills and not only about knowledge. It has made me an independent working woman as I am studying while working in IT MNC and my parents are extremely proud of me..."

Aishwarya Gopinathan
Scholar @ HCL Nagpur

"HCL came out to be a turning point in my life. Me being a worried boy to now where I am now crystal clear of my life goals. It has given me an initial kick that every fresher no doubt needs. Thus, now I do have solidified aim and am looking forward to enhancing my skills in the field of IT sector..."

Kartikeya Singh
Scholar @ HCL Lucknow

"HCL early career program has a great intensive curriculum and exposure to various technologies was the best factor of the program, my comprehensive personality in terms of both communication and technical skills has been transformed. Now I am the type of girl who is ready to face any challenges at a workplace..."

Saloni Tandon
Scholar @ HCL Lucknow

"The mind-opening training of the HCL program has been really interactive and exciting. During the training, I have become technically aware. I think becoming conversant with professional life at an early age will allow me to spread my wings further in the future..."

Alankrita Singh
Scholar @ HCL Lucknow

“I am Sarthak Kumar, it’s been 4 months since I joined HCL, I am really enjoying the environment here and the extraordinary knowledge shared has helped me a lot. I am really grateful to work in a place which makes us grow to greater heights…”

Sarthak Kumar
Scholar @ HCL Lucknow

“I am excited about what all I learnt during my training at HCL and it does feel good to implement this knowledge in real world scenario. Friendly teammates and working on global accounts has been the highlight of my career till now at HCL…”

Amit Banerjee
Analyst @ HCL Noida

“My HCL Journey has been full of learning and growth opportunities. This training has opened many doors that I never knew existed such as pursuing higher education through reputed universities like BITS Pilani and SASTRA. I feel blessed and grateful for this exciting career path where I can apply the knowledge, I have learned during my training at HCL…”

Karishma Kushwaha
Analyst @ HCL Noida

“The faculty-guided us well throughout the program. I am surprised myself, today that I am able to code and help my fellow project members in the deliverables. HCL TechBee program has also made me more confident individual…”

Scholar @ HCL Madurai

“My experience during the HCL TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program has been great. Intensive curriculum and exposure to varied technologies were the best aspect of this program. My overall personality has been transformed. My communication skills are much better. Today I am a confident girl ready to face the challenges of workplace…”

Pavithra Jagdish
Scholar @ HCL Chennai

“As a class XII pass out student, my understanding of programming languages was very limited. Today I understand it and can write programs. Joining HCL has been a life changing decision for me…”

Kajal Chaudhary
Scholar @ HCL Noida

“When I was selected for HCL’s Early Career Program, I had lot of questions and I was unsure – whether to join or not. However, now I think I took the best decision in my life by joining this program…”

Vishal Sharma
Scholar @ HCL Noida

“Being in HCL TechBee program gave me the opportunity to interact with the advanced technologies and learn Java, C++ and have practical experience for them as well…”

Preet Sharma
Scholar @ HCL Noida

“Giving opportunities to a Class XII student is like giving opportunities to fresh and future minds of the country…”

Aaina Bansal
Scholar @ HCL Noida

“Before getting into HCL TechBee, I did not know I could have that good leadership and communication skills, Now I possess those...”

Scholar @ HCL Noida