Q1. What is HCL TechBee Program?  

TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program is an exclusive job program for students looking for financial independence after completing Class XII. Candidates undergo 6-12 months training, earning a stipend of INR 10,000 during internship. They are then hired for full-time IT jobs with HCL at a starting salary of INR 1.70 – 2.20 lakhs per annum. While working, candidates pursue their graduation with BITS Pilani, Amity University or SASTRA University.

Q2. How will a candidate know whether he/she is eligible or not?  

  • A resident of India who has successfully passed class XII board exams in 2020, 2021.
  • Candidate must have Mathematics or Business Mathematics (Mandatory for IT services) as a subject in Class XII.
  • Applicants must meet the percentage criteria mentioned in the website

Q3. What stream will the candidates receive? Will the candidate get to choose the stream he/she wants to pursue?  

The below streams are offered:

  • Develop Applications
  • Software Engineer
  • Coding
  • Testing Engineer
  • Analyst
  • Products & Application
  • Detecting Bugs & Running Diagnostics of Software Applications
  • Research & Development
  • Design Engineer
  • Product & Application Design
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Web Server Deployment
  • Process Automation
  • Security Policy Implementation

Based on the candidate’s performance in the initial months, he/she will be tagged to a specific stream. It is the prerogative of HCL Counsellors to choose the right stream for the candidates taking into consideration the candidate’s background and interests.

Q4. What training will the candidate undergo in these 12 months?  

The program is designed to prepare candidates for full-time jobs in 12 months

  • IT Foundation– Classroom training equips candidates with IT fundamentals, a pre-requisite for IT professionals
  • Training for the job– Access to interactive job- based Learning management System (LMS), Simulations, Case based Practical Curriculum, Peer-based discussions, Performance and life coaches' tools.
  • Internship –Hands-on experience in HCL global projects, that prepare TechBees to be IT professionals besides technology specific IT certifications

Q5. What is the selection process followed?  

There are three easy steps:

  • Registration - Visit: www.hcltechbee.com Fill complete application form and register.
  • HCL CAT - Undergo a basic Career Aptitude Test consisting of quantitative, logical reasoning and language abilities.
  • Interview - Undergo a face-to-face interaction with HCL selection committee to prove your mettle.

Q6. Does HCL provide the course material?  

Yes, candidates will receive all the study materials for the training program. They also have access to best-in-class Learning Management System, an online system, that fosters learning with peer-based discussions, online assessments, assignments and case-based submissions.

Q7. Where will the candidates be trained?  

All the classroom training sessions are conducted at assigned training centers for the location which are Noida, Bangalore, Lucknow, Nagpur, Chennai, Madurai and Vijayawada. Students can avail hostel facilities wherever applicable and available while pursuing the program, although it is not mandatory to avail hostel services. However this year the programme will be conducted online.

Q8. What kind of jobs do the candidates get after this program?  

Candidates will be placed in IT engineer job – development / testing/support roles which might include night shift jobs as well.

Q9. Is the job at HCL Technologies guaranteed upon enrolment to the program?  

The job that HCL Technologies offers is solely dependent on the successful completion of this training program. On successful completion, HCL assures that a suitable job is offered to the candidate.

Q10. Can HCL TechBee completion certificate be used to apply for jobs outside?  

The course is designed keeping in mind the skills required for a person working at HCL Technologies. The vacancy at HCL is first ascertained in a scientific manner and then training is offered for those job roles. HCL Technologies is a globally reputed company; the standards set are at par with industry standards. Hence, the candidate is capable of performing roles in other companies. However, the recognition of the HCL TechBee completion certificate and the job offered is prerogative of other companies.

Q1. Will the candidate get any stipend while undergoing the HCL TECHBEE – HCL’s Early Career program?  

Candidates joining HCL TechBee will get stipend equivalent to Rs. 10k /month during on the job training period for out of pocket expenses.

Q2. What will the starting salary at HCL after the completion of the program?  

After the successful completion of the training, candidates will receive a starting salary of:
INR 1.70 lakhs (Associates) and INR 2.20 lakhs (IT Services) per annum.

Q3. What are the benefits candidates get?  

After the successful completion of the program, candidates will get:

  • A job with HCL as a developer/tester/support/maintenance executive at HCL Technologies.
  • Get relevant Job certifications from the best-in-class training center.
  • Health and life insurance benefits.
  • Opportunity to pursue work integrated higher education from BITS Pilani, Amity University or SASTRA University.
  • All others benefit that a regular employee gets post-employment.

Q1. Is there any financial assistance?  

Yes. Financial assistance in the form of a bank loan is available. To ease the burden on the candidates and their parents, we have tie-up with banks. Candidates availing the bank loan can join the program with zero down payment.

Q2. Is there any scholarship or fee-waiver?  

If a candidate scored 90% or above in the training, there is a 100% tuition waiver. If the score is between 85%-89% then they get a 50% waiver.

Q3. Can I withdraw my admission post joining the program or can my admission be terminated by HCL on any grounds?  

a. The Company reserves the right to cancel and/or withdraw the admission offer to a candidate at any stage during the program under any one or more of the following conditions:

  • If the candidate is found to have misrepresented information pertaining to the admission criteria such as marks, qualifications, degrees, work experience, certifications including, but not limited to, documents provided and the application form
  • If the candidate fails to pay the program fees as per the timelines
  • If the candidate is found to have committed an act of indiscipline, misbehaviour and non-compliance with regards to the rules of the Company
  • If the candidate fails, at any stage to fulfil the success criteria for the program as detailed in the offer letter

b. The candidate may withdraw from the program voluntarily at any time during the course of the program by providing a written request to the Company.

c. In cases, where the cancellation is initiated by the candidate voluntarily, the Company will not refund program fees.

d. In cases where company initiates the cancellation, the refund is done on a case to case basis.

Q1. What is the eligibility for HCL TechBee – HCL’s Early Career program?  

    • A resident of India who has successfully cleared his / her class XII board exams in 2020 & 2021
    • Candidate should have studied Mathematics / Business Mathematics in Class XII and secured a score of minimum 60% in the subject for IT Services Role
    • Candidates applying for SD Roles should have scored minimum 60% in class XII / Intermediate boards (All states / boards)

Academic Qualification Threshold – IT Services Role

      • Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, NIOS Boards- 85% and above
      • CBSE, ISC- 80% and above
      • Assam, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Punjab & Karnataka- 75% and above
      • Bihar, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Jammu and Kashmir,Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, West Bengal, 7 sisters (NE ),Madhya Pradesh- 70% and above
      • IB Curriculum- Aggregate score of 32 with a minimum 4 in every course-IT

Q2. What is the selection process for this program?  

The selection for this training and hiring program is purely on merit basis. Candidates are invited to appear for an Online Career Aptitude Test. Those who clear the test would appear for an Interview discussion, after which HCL will issue Letter of Interest/offer letter.

Q3. I have completed my Online Aptitude Test and HR Interview, but have not yet received Letter of Interest/Offer letter from HCL.  

Candidates are advised to contact your assigned HCL Counsellors to confirm the status of your application. You can alternatively write to us at support-techbee@hcl.com and our team will get in touch with you.

Q4. Is there any fee for the Online HCL CAT Test?  

No, there will not be any fee to appear for the Online HCL CAT Test.

Q5. What are the dates for the online HCL CAT Test?  

You will receive an email on your registered email ID for the test dates on how to schedule the same.

Q6. Is there any last date to apply for the HCL CAT Test?  

The registrations are open now for the year 2021-2022.

Q7. Where will the online HCL CAT Test conducted?  

The venues for the online HCL CAT Test are spread Pan India across all states.

Q8. What is the language of the HCL CAT Entrance Exam?  

The exam and all the sections are in English.

Q9. How to activate your account post signup after completing your registration for the HCL CAT?  

You are requested to check your registered email id mailbox for the verification email and activate your account by clicking on the hyperlink provided inside the mail at the position “here”

Q10. What will be my career path after joining the TECHBEE Program?  

You are requested to refer the Career Path Page for details regarding TECHBEE Program scholars future prospects.

Q11. When will the admit cards for the HCL CAT entrance exam released?  

You will be able to generate your own Admit card once you schedule your exam at the TechBee portal, please wait for an official communication on your registered email ID on how to go about doing the same.

Q12. Why the date of birth field in the registration portal not accepting certain dates?  

The date of the birth range is designed to accept the dates from 1st January 1999 to 31st October 2003 only as per the selection criteria. If in case one is not able to select from the given range, then that candidate is not eligible.

Q13. What is the syllabus of the exam and sample questions asked in the HCL CAT entrance exam?  

HCL CAT is an online assessment test designed to check your aptitude in ares of Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematics), Logical Reasoning and English language. For a detailed syllabus and sample questions Click Here.

Q1. Can candidates pursue higher education?  

Yes. Candidates upon completion of this training program and successful deployment at HCL Technologies have to enroll for a work-integrated learning program offered by HCL’s
partner universities to complete their UG and PG degrees. At present, HCL has tied up with Amity University, SASTRA University and BITS, Pilani.

SASTRA University offers a 3-year work-integrated BCA exclusively designed for HCL TechBee scholars. The classes for this program will be held at the HCL campus during the weekends. On completion, candidates can enroll for 3 years of MCA.

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (BITS) offers a 4-year work-integrated B.Sc. Candidates willing to study further can enroll for MSc / M.tech (2.5/4 years respectively) from the same university. The classes for this program will be held at the HCL campus during the weekends.

Candidates also have an option to pursue their BCA from SASTRA University for 3 years. On completion of their BCA they can enroll for  M. Tech/M.Sc. from BITS, Pilani.

Q2. Who awards the degrees?  

BCA and MCA degrees are awarded by SASTRA University. B.Sc , M.Sc/M.Tech degrees are awarded by BITS, Pilani.

Q3. Are these degrees recognised?  

Yes, degrees offered by both the universities are recognised. SASTRA University, based in Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu State) is recognized as a Deemed to be University by the UGC, and accredited with Grade A (the highest Gradeto 6 ) by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC). Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani. (BITS Pilani ) is a Deemed to be University estd. vide Sec.3 of the UGC Act,1956, and is empowered to award degrees.

Q4. What is the eligibility criteria for enrolling to these U.G programs?  

Candidates must have completed the 10th, 12th, and HCL TechBee program. Candidates, presently working with HCL Technologies can apply for these programs.

Q5. What is the duration of the UG and PG courses?  

University Under Graduation (U.G) Post-Graduation (P.G)
SASTRA BCA – 3 years MCA – 3 years
SASTRA&BITS Pilani BCA (SASTRA) – 3 years M.Tech (BITS) – 4 years
BITS Pilani B.Sc- 4 years M.Sc / M.Tech – 2.5 years / 4 years

Q6. Can a candidate apply for PG from HCL partner universities after completing UG from non-partner university?  

No. It is an integrated course offering, both UG and PG will have to be done in the same University.

Q7. What will be the mode of course delivery?  

SASTRA University: Classes will be conducted on some weekends in HCL offices as per a Calendar that will be published in advance. In addition to this, some classes will be conducted online. Study materials will be available in the LMS / mailed to students from university for self-study. BITS, Pilani: Lectures will be delivered by BITS Pilani faculty at select HCL office locations using a combination of in-person (classroom) lectures and live, online sessions. These lectures will be conducted mostly over weekends. Locations where classroom lectures will be delivered will be communicated by the Program Office of HCL.

Q8. Will the candidates get access to learning portals of the universities?  

Sastra at present does not have e-learning portal, all the educational material, semester information, results etc. will be managed through Central Program office of HCL. All enrolled students are given access to a BITS Pilani e-learning portal.

Q9. Is the UG / PG course fee funded by HCL?  

HCL will reimburse the course fee partially for Amity University, SASTRA University and BITS Pilani. The reimbursement of the course fee* will be paid to the candidates, and the candidates will have to pay the fees to the university. Also, the course fee reimbursement will be done on a semester by semester basis, provided the candidate has cleared all the requirements of the previous semester. *The graduation course will be reimbursed for all candidates, but the reimbursement for post- graduation will be applicable only to candidates who clear a minimum performance level (GP and above)

Q10. What is the course fee for the UG and PG programs?  

SASTRA fee structure:

  • BCA – Rs. 1,20,000 (Rs. 20,000 per semester)
  • MCA – Rs. 1,35,000 (Rs. 22,500 per semester)

BITS, Pilani fee structure:

  • Course Fee for BSc program
    Application Fee (One Time): Rs 500
    Admission Fee (One Time): Rs 5,500
    Semester Fee (Per Semester): Rs 29,500 Total Course Fee: Rs 2,36,000
  • Course Fee for MTech (4 Years) programApplication Fee (One Time): Rs 1,500
    Admission Fee (One Time): Rs 16,500
    Semester Fee (Per Semester): Rs 50,000 Total Course Fee: Rs 4,00,000

Amity University fee structure:

  • BBA – Rs. 2,00,000
  • B.Com – Rs. 1,20,000
  • BCA – Rs. 1,80,000

Q11. If someone fails in the Exam for a Course, what can she / he do?  

She / he can submit the Application Form for a re-exam in accordance with the re-exam fee and Exam Schedule published by the university. The Re-exam fee is not a part of the course fee, and the candidate will have to bear these expenses by themselves.

Q12. Will HCL directly transfer the course fee to the university?  

No. Candidates have to pay their course fee from their pocket. HCL will provide reimbursement of the same to the candidates.

Q13. Is there any service agreement to be signed with HCL for opting to purse UG / PG from partner universities?  

Employees opting for U.G or P.G will sign a service agreement to work with HCL for 3 years post the course completion. Employees will have to sign up for this agreement only once; either post U.G or post P.G Before opting for any of the above-mentioned course(s), the employee must sign a consent form acknowledging the Service Agreement clause which will be binding post successful course completion.

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