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About HCL TechBee

Contrary to the general perception that you need a conventional graduate degree to get a job, TechBee - HCL's Early Career Program, is an exclusive job program for individuals looking for full-time jobs after Class XII, thereby making them financially independent. Candidates undergo 12 months of training for entry-level IT services and digital support roles. This is a hybrid training program focusing on the overall education and personality grooming of students to make them job-ready.

Given the phenomenal success of the program in India, the program is now available across India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, the Americas, Canada, and so on.

About HCLTech

HCLTech is a global technology company, home to 225,900+ people across 60 countries, delivering industry-leading capabilities centered around digital, engineering and cloud, powered by a broad portfolio of technology services and products. We work with clients across all major verticals, providing industry solutions for Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Technology and Services, Telecom and Media, Retail and CPG, and Public Services. Consolidated revenues as of 12 months ending March 31, 2023 totaled $12.6 billion. To learn how we can supercharge progress for you, visit

US $12.6 BN


Over 157


Operating in 60




Check Before You Apply

Applicants must check the rules and alerts before registering for the program.

HCLTech does not charge any 'Recruitment Fees', 'Processing Fee', 'Security Deposit' and 'Software or Equipment Charges' for anything else for securing a job in the company.
HCL TechBee does not work with any vendors or partners for offering HCL TechBee program. This program is offered solely by HCL Training & Staffing Services and post-completion of the training, students are placed in HCLTech.
HCL TechBee Offer Letters are released from official HCL e-mail IDs (which end with e-mail extension). A fake training offer letter is one that may use public domain IDs (,, etc.) or have a similar sounding e-mail extension as to communicate with you. HCLTech does not ask for any confidential or personal information such as your bank account number, personal details etc.
All-offer-related communications are sent from an official HCL e-mail ID or from our Preferred Recruitment Partners ONLY and all the offers are posted on the candidate access portals.

If you suspect a fake offer letter, report it immediately to: