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Open Hour with Pervin Malhotra, Director – Career Guidance India. We know you’re excited and inquisitive about your future. Join our next session as we answer all your questions about career prospects for students in the 2020s decade

Class XII is an important milestone in the life of school students. While on one hand arrival in Class XII signifies biding adieu to formal structured schooling, on the other hand, it is also considered as a gateway of possibilities that are yet to be discovered.

Bright students often change their mind and academically average students may pick up careers which are offbeat. We understand that being a Class XII student is tricky and that it’s not easy to meet everyone’s expectations.

While most students, may not have all the answers yet, we at HCL are committed to offer you help and guidance that can help you navigate your career into a right direction. Meet the experts online, ask your questions and get real-time responses every week.

Pervin Malhotra

Director – Career Guidance India

Open Hour by India’s Leading Career Counsellor

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