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We understand you may have several questions about your future! That’s why we at HCLTech have partnered with India’s leading career counsellors to answer all your queries, and guide you to taking an informed decision about your path! Listen to what leading career counsellors have to say about TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program and about the various other options available to you after Class XII!

    Class XII is an important juncture in the life of students who find themselves at the crossroads of their life, having to take important decisions that will dictate the course of their lives. There are so many directions to take and it is natural for anyone to feel overwhelmed with the myriad choices available.

    The good news is that this is an opportunity to open a fresh page into the future and fill it with hope and determination toward endless possibilities.

    These maybe some of the questions that students have:

    • How do I know if I am making the right decision toward my future?
    • How do I meet the expectations of everyone around me?
    • How do I work to overcome my challenges?
    • What are the factors I must consider before enrolling in a higher education program?
    • What qualities do companies look for in those they want to recruit?

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    TechBee and Your Career with HCL

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