10 Ways to nurture an exceptional employee experience


Jan 12, 2022

10 Ways to nurture an exceptional employee experience

Generation Z also called Zoomers are the demographic group born roughly between the years 1995 and 2010 and considered to be the first digitally-native group. Did you know that studies reveal that Gen Z value ‘experiences’ over ‘materialism’ when it comes to their important life choices? Gen Z thrives in companies that provide them with an exceptional employee experience. So, what is it all about?

Here are 10 ways that companies can create an exceptional employee experience-

1. Make employees feel valued: Giving employees the feeling that they are welcome and valued is one of the critical factors of positive employee engagement. Employees who feel a deep sense of kinship to their company and its values contribute positively to an exceptional employee and organizational experience.

2. Provide a great onboarding experience: An exceptional employee experience is positive from beginning to end and this includes creating a good impression on new hires and those who are interviewing to join the company. Let the employees know from the get-go that their managers and company support their induction and overall growth. This is also a  great time to provide a realistic preview of the job to reduce later dissatisfaction.

3. Set SMART Goals: SMART Goals as the acronym suggests are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. Communicate your company’s mission and values clearly and effectively to employees. Ensure that the Goals you set for your team are SMART.

4. Focus on multi-dimensional engagement: Employees want to engage on different levels within the organization so the company must provide them with programs and platforms for their professional and personal development. Give employees multi-dimensional opportunities to express themselves, display leadership skills and build their confidence.

5. Encourage open and honest communication: Continue to foster an environment based on openness and trust where employees can express themselves not only through timed surveys but 365-day feedback channels. Provide employees with timely feedback so they can understand their responsibilities better.

6. Support teamwork and trust: Global work environments today require cross-functional teams coming together to solve novel problems. Managers and team leaders must create teams where a culture built on trust and openness motivates employees to give their best.

7. Highlight opportunities for advancement: Focus on employees’ career development and keep them informed about developing opportunities including those for advancement. This will help them plan around their goals better.

8. Provide access to mentors: Mentorship is beneficial to mentors and mentees. Mentors help their mentees set personal and professional development goals and enhance their sense of accountability. They also share the company’s values and belief system practically through their interactions.

9. Nurture entrepreneurship: Encourage employees irrespective of their organizational-level to express themselves, share their ideas and help them bring their ideas to life.

10. Encourage CSR opportunities: Employees especially those belonging to Generation Z consistently look for opportunities in Corporate Social Responsibility to effect change. Companies must provide adequate programs and platforms that nurture the spirit of giving and community-mindedness in employees.

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