Tech trends for 2021

As a future tech professional, it is important that you inculcate the habit of reading
industry-recognized reports and understanding the trends that shape the worldwide economy.

Reading reports not only will help your reading comprehension skills but will also improve your vocabulary and give you quality content to draw inspiration from for presentations, research projects and group discussions.

We are happy to present you with highlights from ‘Tech Trends 2021’, an acclaimed tech industry report presented by one of the world’s most reputed researchers. The report  features the opportunities, strategies and technologies that will drive new plans for the tech industry for the next 18-24 months. Click here to access the full report.

The 9 TECH TRENDS for 2021 and onwards:

Trend 1 – Strategy, engineered

  • In any organization, technology strategy and corporate strategy must be closely aligned.
  • Strategy development must be a continuous and dynamic process that thinks widely and creatively about the future.


Trend 2 – Core revival

  • Migrating legacy enterprise systems to the cloud helps unleash an organization’s digital potential.
  • For core modernization, companies are beginning to use clever outsourcing arrangements to reengineer traditional business cases.


Trend 3 – Supply unchained

  • Future-focused manufacturers, retailers and distributors are extracting more value from the data they collect, analyze and share across their supply networks.
  • Robots, drones and advanced image recognition is being used to make physical supply chain interactions more efficient, effective and safe for employees.


Trend 4 – MLOps: Industrialized AI

  • Sophisticated machine learning models help companies efficiently discover patterns and generate insights to improve organizational performance.
  • MLOps also known as ML CI/CD, ModelOps, and ML DevOps help organizations realize the transformative benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

Trend 5 – Machine data revolution : Feeding the machine

  • AI models that only rely on decision-making by humans could impede the full potential of Machine Learning.
  • Advanced data capture, structuring capabilities, and analytics help organizations convert volumes of data for future-ready foundations where machines can make more decisions.


Trend 6 – Zero trust: Never trust, always verify

  • Sophisticated cyberattacks and shifting enterprise environments make it necessary for organizations to employ a ‘zero trust’ approach where every access request should be validated based on all available data points like user identity, device, location etc.
  • Zero trust security architectures built on automation and engineering strengthens security management and overall end-user experience.


Trend 7 – Rebooting the digital workplace

  • As the COVID-19 induced ‘Work From Home’ (WFH) protocol continues for the foreseeable future, organization leaders are confronted with the question of whether WFH is a rule or an exception.
  • Organizations will use data generated from workers’ tools and performs to improve organizational efficiency.


Trend 8 – Bespoke for billions : Digital meets physical

  • 2020 is the turning point when most of the population adapted to digital interactions to conduct their everyday lives.
  • Customers will expect a blend of physical and digital brand experiences going forward.


Trend 9 – DEI tech: Tools for equity

  • Organizations are embracing DEI: diversity, equity and inclusion as business imperatives
  • Advanced analytics, automation and AI will help inform, deliver and measure the impact of DEI.


HCL Technologies focuses on the values of Courage and Care that motivates us to Collaborate to stay as one of the top global technology companies in the digital age. These are the ‘values’ that HCL values as a company and these are the values that we look out for in the people who work for us. Guess what? All of these values are already within you and with the right attitude and dedication, will find ways to flourish and grow.

Hottest programming languages of 2021

What are the hottest programming languages in demand right now? For example, in 2021, one of the world’s most trending companies and sophisticated automobile manufacturers, values these 5 programming language skills in their employees : (1) Python (2) SQL (3) C++ (4) Java (5) JavaScript

recent survey of 15,000 developers and HR managers reveals that JavaScript, Java and Python are the most sought-after languages for companies hiring in 2021, while knowledge of React, Node.js and .NET Core are also in high demand.



Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world today and is use in data analysis and artificial intelligence. Did you know that Python’s syntax is closer to human lingo than it is to machine code – making it an intuitive and user-friendly programming language that works on any operating system. Big companies like Instagram, Google, Facebook etc. use Python in their real-time applications.

FUN FACT: Python is easy to read because it does not use 0s and 1s and uses simple English instead.


SQL is a standard programming language for relational databases. It may be older than many newer types of code but continues to be one of the most widely implemented database languages. Global organizations like Amazon, Microsoft and Accenture use SQL to manage their databases.

FUN FACT: SQL was developed in the early 1970’s at IBM as a version called SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language) which later became known as SQL.

C++ is a complex cross-platform language that is used for high-performance applications. It gives programmers a high level of control over system resources and memory. Did you know that C++ is used in many gaming platforms? Popular organizations like NASA and companies like Evernote and LinkedIn use this language.

FUN FACT: C++ was originally called ‘The New C’ and the ‘++’ in its name denotes its improvement over the original C language.


Java is a cross-platform object-oriented programming language that is used to run various applications like games, social media applications and audio and video apps. Did you know that there are over 7 million Java developers across the world? Popular companies that use JAVA include Netflix, Airbnb and Google.

FUN FACT:  In the early 90’s, Java’s founder was building a set-top box and in the process accidentally discovered a new programming language which was first called Oak and now popularly known as Java.


JavaScript is a dynamically typed high-level language which turned 25 years old last year. It is used to write the largest number of programs because the most substantial webpages have some JavaScript embedded in them. Popular companies that use JavaScript include PayPal, Groupon and Uber.

FUN FACT : Did you know that JavaScript is considered to be one of the most confusing programming languages in the world by developers and was originally developed under the name Mocha?

 HCL technologies focuses on the values of Courage and Care that motivates us to Collaborate to stay as one of the top global technology companies in the digital age. These are the ‘values’ that HCL values as a company and these are the values that we look out for in the people who work for us. Guess what? All of these values are already within you and with the right attitude and dedication, will find ways to flourish and grow.

The Year has started and schools are beginning to open up and so is our future

In the last blog we read about the positive practices to start the new year 2021 on the right note but we have to take cognizance that uncertainties continue to loom. With the invention of vaccine, but a tad bit away, we are still worried…is the past really behind us or it is out to ruin our future as well? No. The erratic 2020 has taught us to learn how to cope with unexpected difficulties and make the most of the change. We have learnt to be resilient to the changes within ourselves, in our societies and the environment. We have come across people who have succumbed to covid or the nightmare of the epidemic itself is hovering over our heads yet there are people who have fought with health hazards and come back to normal life…with much more rigor and strength. We need to learn from them and that is what will make us educated in the real sense. Life had always been unpredictable. “The uncertainties in life are so uncertain for us to determine the kind woe we shall be entangled in the next future. When you stay dormant, your life is at risk; when you dare to take a step, you take a step to take a risk.

We have a choice.” ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah.

We have a choice

The choice is ours. We need to make the most of the times ahead or leave everything to fate. Online education had existed earlier as well but now it has come with a different connotation. As parents struggled to manage their children’s school lives from home turning vulnerable, teachers also struggled with equal pressure to pick up the threads of online/distant teaching. It is in this spirit that education system in India has evolved and emerged stronger and more rational than ever before. The Indian education system has picked up fast from the west – online education in multiple choice question format leveraging technology. This type of education not just imparts theoretical knowledge to students but creates innovative minds with managerial expertise as well as practical knowledge to face the world.

The Time is Now

One day we speak to someone and the next day we hear that the person is hospitalized or home quarantined , so we have somehow developed this urgency to live life in a rapid pace. We are beginning to believe that we donot have the luxury of time. Sometimes some of us shudder to think that one day students will start working after Class X itself and continue further education online. Unlike earlier where distance education was only pursued by kids who needed to start earning early in life or did not get the requisite marks to undertake full time college or higher school, but lately, we have begun to understand that online education is not the poor cousin of mainstream education, atleast not anymore. That is why courses like Techbee, an innovative initiative of HCL Technologies, are gaining momentum fast.

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn …and change.”
Carl Rogers

Five positive practices to start 2021 on the right note

“You cannot change your FUTURE, you can change your HABITS. And surely your HABITS will change your FUTURE”-Dr. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India The New Year promises new beginnings January is the month of the year where people make the maximum number of resolutions. After all, the beginning of a new year, innately motivates people to make a list of all the things they aspire to do and get better at. Avoid decision fatigue There is no dearth of self-help information available via various forms of media today. We wake up in the morning and feed our brains with information from all forms of social media – Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok etc. Our eyes and mind dart from one topic to the other – COVID-19 news, Tik Tok dances, celebrity gossip and memes on a hundred different topics. Just seeing the influx of fitness and recipe videos makes us feel tired to a point where we don’t know where to start. Did you know that when confronted with an overload of information – our brain may even shut down when it is time to take a decision, because it has no idea what to process. Researchers call this ‘decision fatigue’. People mindlessly imbibe information without knowing the consequences it has on us. As a student, these are crucial years where you will have to be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy to take decisions with clarity. The habits you form now will go a long way in ensuring your academic, personal and professional success. Let’s focus on these 5 practices that are guaranteed to make a difference in your everyday life as a student: 1. Use the Pomodoro Technique: Research indicates that we work most effectively in 25-min intervals. Set a timer to break down your study or work into intervals of 25 minutes which will instill a sense of urgency in you rather that the assumption that you have an endless period of time to complete the task. Did you know that this time management technique was developed in Italy in the late 80’s and gets its name from ‘pomodoro’, the Italian word for ‘tomato’ after the tomato-shaped kitchen timer that Francesco Cirillio, the founder of this technique used. For more information on the Pomodoro time management technique, click here2. Reduce time spent on social media: Did you know that our brains are specifically wired to love endless scrolling which explains the amount of time we spend mindlessly scrolling through social media? In India, we spend an average of 3.5 hours everyday looking at our phones. This takes a tremendous toll on our eyes, minds and brains. Do not spend more than 20 minutes a day in total, on mindless social media scrolling and texting. 3. Read and listen to quality content: Choose an inspirational book or an inspiring TEDTalk over a WhatsApp forward joke! Improve your listening skills by following meaningful podcasts and TEDTalks. Not only will this help improve your vocabulary, it will also enhance your listening and reading comprehension skills and contribute to great conversation starters. 4. Inculcate the habit of exercise : Exercise helps you right from the cellular level boosting your emotional, mental and physical activity. If you find yourself drawn to video-games, binge-watching television or spending excessive time in front of your phone – make a firm resolve to include some kind of exercise routine in your life be it Yoga, a brisk walk or some exercise routine. If you are interested in playing a game like tennis or cricket, make sure to include time for that in your weekly routine. 5. Practise Mindfulness: Mindfulness can be simply described as the ability to pay attention to the present moment. There are many practices available to include mindfulness in your daily life like chanting, prayer, mediation, listening to meditative music or even focusedly pursuing a gentle hobby like knitting, painting or sketching. Choose any practice that is familiar to you or appeals to you and practice it in intervals of 3 day slots till it becomes a natural part of your life. The investment you make in yourself during this time will give you the mental clarity to be alert and active for the rest of the day. HCL technologies focuses on the values of Courage and Care that motivates us to Collaborate to stay as one of the top global technology companies in the digital age. These are the ‘values’ that HCL values as a company and these are the values that we look out for in the people who work for us. Guess what? All of these values are already within you and with the right attitude and dedication, will find ways to flourish and grow.