Key advantages of an early career program

If you are looking at this website, it’s probably because you are interested in knowing more about an early career program or career training program. There are many qualified graduates in our country today who have to go through the grind of an arduous job search even after having completed their educational degrees. Honestly, we don’t know how marketable our resume and skills are once we graduate and enter the real world!

Even after you start a job, you have to learn to be efficient in your assigned role. You may discover there is a gap between what you learnt in books and what you can practically use in your job!

Is there a sensible option to bridge this gap? One where you can get practical training on what really matters, learn the latest technology trends, and develop your personality and communication skills while being assured of a job after you graduate? Yes, there is! Let’s look at some key advantages of investing in an early career program! While there are many advantages, we will begin with these three!

Advantage #1: Be Practical!

An early career program is 100% practical because the classroom is the real tech world where onus is on you to deliver real results. You will get trained practically in what is needed for the job you will be placed in – an efficient and empowering process that benefits you all-round.

In conventional courses, the syllabus is heavily theory-focused and while there are may be some opportunities to test your practical skills, most times, you have to go through an extra round of training to apply your skills into the real world. For example – if you are studying JAVA and writing some programs based on this for your coursework or exam, you may learn a lot. However, imagine if you could use this JAVA to solve real-time problems for a healthcare, financial services or aviation client! What an amazing learning experience that would be!

Advantage #2 : Earn while you learn

Any adult will tell you that you will start becoming responsible about finances when you earn your own money. Till one earns on their own, one cannot imagine, the hard work it takes to earn and manage money. In an early-career program, you have the benefit of training with stipend and can enjoy financial independence after 12th. You also enjoy the dual benefit of being making your own money in the present, while saving for your future! You can be an active participant in your family’s future too!

Advantage #3: Benefit from the best Education

Programs like HCL TechBee give you the opportunity to simultaneously get a degree from BITS Pilani or SASTRA University, some of the best universities in India and which are competitive, and tough to get through! One of the common misconceptions of an early career program is that it denies the student a chance to go to a higher education institution and get a college degree. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, such job training programs, which integrate partnerships with such amazing universities give you future-ready educational opportunities! The added advantage is that you can take your classroom learning to a real-time work environment and vice-versa. In this process, what you study will become even more relevant to you! Above all, you will develop a mindset of learning for life!

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Key advantages of an early career program – continued

Last week, we looked at some of the advantages of investing in an early career program or career training program. We learnt about the practical benefits of this option from a personal, professional and financial point of view. Let’s look at some more added benefits!

Advantage #4 : Develop your confidence and communication

Advancement in a professional career requires one to have more than just technical skills. When you are placed in a project, you will work in a team which would require you to communicate effectively and efficiently with your colleagues. This includes knowing how to carry yourself in a professional workplace, dressing appropriately, speaking confidently but courteously and even something as simple as knowing how to write e-mails properly. You might work an entire project with a team who you may never have the opportunity to meet in person.

Therefore, whether it is in-person or virtual, you will have to communicate well. Developing communication skills is an integral part of early career programs and applying these skills, day-to-day will hold you in good stead in and outside of work.

Advantage #5 : Become a part of a community with mentors

Human beings have a tendency to give their best when they feel like they are a part of a community with access to people who they can turn to when they need help.  From the dawn of time, we have an intrinsic need to feel a part of something bigger than our individual selves. Positive communities with structured coursework, focused leaders, friendly mentors and motivated peers create an ecosystem for you to enhance your focus and learning.

A career training program like HCL Tech Bee offers you the opportunity to be a part of a forward-thinking community with many structured modules that focus on your personal and professional growth. The program gives you access to mentors who are keenly invested in your

well-being. You will be supported every step of the way and all you need to do is put in your best during the training with the security of being placed in your first job as a recognition of your efforts.

Advantage #6: Benefit from Holistic Program Structure

An early-career program is specifically planned to enhance the life of a student across various aspects and make them industry-ready in 12 months. The modules of the program are designed using key inputs from the IT industry and Educational industry.

This rigorous 12-month training plan leaves no space for redundancy or lethargy and students develop a focused mindset to succeed in their early careers at the culmination of the program. There is no need to seek any personality development or grooming program outside this structure neither is there need for any outside recommendations or job agents to secure your career. All that is needed is a dedicated approach to successfully complete the various program modules within a given time period. In a conventional approach, students face the stress of not knowing where their education is taking them. Here, the end-goal is clear and students can mentally focus on what needs to be done rather than what will happen after! You get to reverse-engineer your success!

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Advantage 1 – Be Practical

Advantage 2- Earn while you learn

Advantage 3- Benefit from the best education

Advantage 4- Develop your confidence and communication

Advantage 5- Become a part of a community with mentors

Advantage 6- Benefit from Holistic Program Structure

In a nutshell, discover the amazing advantages of an early career program like HCL Tech Bee for yourself! For more information on how to register for HCL, click here.