Getting tuned to the process : drawing inspiration from sports legends

“Whatever you want to do, do with full passion and work really hard towards it. Don’t look anywhere else.” – Virat Kohli, Captain of the Indian Cricket Team

If you’re wondering if an early career program has anything common with sports  – we have news for you – there are many things in common! Are you surprised? Read on to learn more.

What do the most elite athletes do? Does a world-famous cricket player magically appear on the pitch one day and score a century? Can someone run like lightning just based on their luck of the day? Can a team win without effort? What turns performers into winner?

Andre Agassi, one of the greatest tennis legends of all times said, “ If you don’t practice, you don’t deserve to win.” Sir Mo Farah, multiple Olympic, World and European champion and one of the world’s greatest long-distance runners put it simply,  “Don’t dream about winning, train for it”.

What can we make out from these quotes from these sporting legends?

Any seasoned sports professional will tell you that there is no replacement for dedication to their training protocol. Even those with a natural ability to excel in a sport – enroll themselves in a disciplined training program from a young age and more importantly, stay committed and follow through on it to stay ahead of the curve. Anyone who plays sports for personal or professional reasons will talk about the importance of practice and the importance of repeating the same tasks again and again in order to improve. They have their eyes firmly on a goal and avoid distractions at all costs.

M.S. Dhoni, one of the greatest cricketing legends of India mentioned in a past interview  that in today’s world, people are focused on by-products and lose sight of the process. He advices youngsters that the ‘process is more important than the result’ and if one takes care of the process and all the small things in the process – the desired result will naturally follow.

Yes! Process is important. When it comes to your professional future and personal development – investing in a process-oriented early career program like HCL Tech Bee will give you the opportunity to engage in a  structured training protocol and enable you to practice what you learn repeatedly till you become very good at it in the workplace.

Of course, there is the added benefit of feeling secure that you will have a credible job at the end of the training. A bigger benefit is that removing the element of uncertainty about your future will help you keep your eyes firmly on the goal. Just like sportspersons train themselves from a young age to get better at their game, you too can train ourselves efficiently and energetically to hone your professional skills and be successful in the workplace.

Just like sports persons can gauge how successful their training is by putting it to ‘practical action’ on the field, you can practically apply everything you learn in a ‘real-time job’ in the real world. So, let’s be practical! HCL TechBee is designed right down to the small detail , keeping the holistic development of every individual candidate in mind. Learn more about the  key advantages of an early career program and how you can enhance your future by enrolling with HCL Tech Bee.

Best practices we can inculcate to stay future-ready in uncertain times: are you ready to act?

The cancellation of the Class XII exams across various states in India due to the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has left students, parents and various stakeholders of the education ecosystem concerned about the way forward for the batch of students who would not have the traditional exam results to determine their future course of action. Though the education boards have already announced the alternate assessment criteria for determining college placements– it does leave many in uncertainty over what lies ahead.

What are some of the best practices we can inculcate to be future-ready in the midst of uncertainty? Are you ready to ACT – Accept, Contemplate, Thrive.

ACCEPT : Though it may sound like a simple term, ‘acceptance’ is an age-old value propagated by the wisest men across different eras and societies. Reinhold Nienbuhr, an American theologist and social commentator in his ‘Serenity Prayer asks for ‘serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’

During the difficult times of this pandemic, we must seek the serenity to accept that there are certain things we cannot change, some that we can and that positive, yet pragmatic thinking will help us work to the best of our capabilities. There is no point in bemoaning things, crying or wishing that things would be different because this behavior cannot change reality as you know it. While it is natural to feel confused, insecure or anxious over what is happening around us, it necessary to stay calm and collected so that the decisions we take will be from a place of clarity and not anxiety. The first step toward developing this calm demeanor is to ACCEPT the situation as it is.

CONTEMPLATE : The next step is to ‘CONTEMPLATE’ – to review the various options that you have before you. Understand that this is an unprecedented situation for the Government and educational institutions as we patiently for them to spell out the way forward.  Till then, make a list of the colleges you would like to apply for or early-career programs that you might be interested in. Keep yourself updated on alternate eligibility criteria by referring to the official websites of colleges and programs and do not rely on social media alone. Do not encourage false spreading of news and fear mongering via social media. Instead, reflect a positive mindset to your parents and family members.

THRIVE : The smartest and most successful people in the world are those who are resilient and adaptive no matter what the situation may be. Keep alternate plans for your future in mind and do not pin all your hopes on only one college or one degree option. Keep yourself updated on the benefits of
early-career programs and career training programs like HCL Tech Bee.  As you wait for more clarity on your future, make sure to find diverse avenues to express yourself through learning new skills or enjoying your hobbies. Above all, work on developing a disciplined routine which paves way for your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth. All of this will ensure that you will THRIVE from within, no matter what the external situations may be.