Embracing choices – choose to not lose

We are our choices Jean-Paul Sartre, French Philosopher.

Choices at the cross-roads of your life

There come many important decision-making points in the life of a student– especially after Class 10 and 12 when you decide which course your future will take. The stream of studies you choose and the subjects you specialize in play an important role in your college admission and subsequent career placement. Decision-making junctures seem endless with the multitude of the options available before you. Even after graduation from college, there is the consideration of whether you should go in for campus placement versus preparing yourself for higher studies like a Masters program or a Management degree. For professional courses like MBA, you will deliberate if it makes sense to get some work experience and then enroll or you may consider a part-time course option as well.

Choice is a privilege: Choose wisely

While all of this may seem overwhelming or confusing, the great news is that ‘choice is a privilege’ not afforded to all. It’s wonderful that you live in a time where there are so many options to educate and empower yourself and make something meaningful out of your life. Hence, do not get confused by choices and instead embrace the choices available in front of you to carve your best path. Embracing choices means successfully completing the requirements of whatever you have chosen; and allowing the work you have put into that choice to mature. It certainly does not mean moving from one choice to the other without grasping the essence of the program you are enrolled in especially when things get tough.

Focus on the ‘Now’ over the ‘Next’

Today’s world is a marketer’s paradise! Every day we are bombarded with information telling us what the next best shiny thing is out there for us to buy. Advertisements, posters, hoardings, television and social media ads are constantly encouraging us that our happiness lies in constantly acquiring something new. Buy something new and expensive and get an instant thrill from it – be it a new mobile phone or a brand new bike! We are also surrounded by people highlighting all of this in social media each and every day. Without us realizing even, all of these things have the power to subconsciously affect our minds and makes us question our choices. It can also lure us into always planning how to make more money in a shorter period of time. Unfortunately, we may take this mindset to our studies and career as well and quickly develop a dissatisfaction of where we are and what we are doing. Avoid the trap of instant gratification and be contented and focused on what you are doing now. Be determined to develop yourself as a well-rounded personality who can adapt to learning new technology and working well with people rather than someone who is always looking to make fast money!

Choice versus No-choice?

In the midst of all these choices, there is one aspect where you literally have ‘no choice’ – do you know what it is? You have ‘no choice’ when it comes to staying committed to whatever you choose to do.

We live in a competitive world where one has to fine tune themselves personally and professionally to be successful. Any path in life comes with highs and lows and staying on track means riding them both out in a consistent way. A common trait shared by successful people is that they do not quit when the going gets tough. While an ace scientist will not quit over a few failed experiments, a star cricketer will not give up practicing cricket and take up football just because he got bowled out by the first ball in an important match. So, when studying for a particular exam is difficult or a course or project requirement is challenging, do not give up when the going gets tough and quickly try to move on some other option.

Do not second-guess your choices and confuse yourself. Take your investment of time seriously and train your mind to complete whatever you undertake successfully – even if it comes with hurdles. There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer when it comes to deciding what opportunity will work best for you when planning your future. What matters eventually is how fine-tuned your own mind is in deciding to stay on track and complete your course requirements successfully. Success will naturally follow.

An early-career program: Comprehensive choice for overall growth

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10 Things that parents can follow to help their children before exams

Parents always wish the best for their children and it is a natural phenomenon for them to relive their childhood through their prodigies…fulfill their own unfulfilled dreams and aspirations, mould their children into perfect professionals which they themselves dreamt to be. So, towards that, the first and foremost step is nurturing their children well through their schooling years. They try to get their children admitted to the best of the schools, providing the best possible coaching classes and offering a plethora of extra-curricular activities on a platter for them to choose from for their vocational upliftment. All this and more with the sole objective of seeing their children shine in the success that either they could not achieve or they dreamt for their children since their birth. There is a common line heard from most Indian parents “we will do everything for you” or “we will give you the finest, just keep on studying and deliver your best”. With new format of Board exams being introduced and study methodologies also changing, the things that parents can do to help their children are:

1. Help them plan better

As the first and foremost step, as a parent you can help your child craft a study plan that should outline the outcome of a particular learning session. Students should set goals for every session which will bring a sense of accountability in them to fulfill their target.

2. Make notes of imp points

A lot of times children can be intimidated by the magnitude of their syllabus. Revising before exams become even more daunting then. But if you can guide your child to make comprehensive notes for every lesson in the initial learning phase itself, half the battle is won.

3. Inhibition to seek clarity in class

Many students shy away from seeking clarity on their doubts in front of classmates as it might show their ignorance. This is mostly due to their own lack of confidence. Parents should instill that confidence in their wards to speak up and get all queries answered.

4. Let the child pick up his own study pattern

Some children can study, understand and retain better in the early hours of the morning. Some prefer doing it in the peace of the night when everybody else is asleep. So there should be no fixed rules for studies. Goes without saying, you need a minimum 8 hours of sleep. But beyond that, parents should be flexible and give children that space where they can be most productive.

5. Encourage your child to learn from mistakes and not give up

There is a saying that there is no end to learning and we all can learn till the last day of our lives. Similarly, students should also learn from their failures as that will only lead them to understand their own mistakes, learn from them, rectify and avoid committing them again. Help them to work on a plan to overcome their shortcomings for their next exam.

6. Befriend technology to remain updated

Technology is no more used only for games, surfing and now online classes. Educational apps and study platforms make learning easy and interesting. So, you also need to learn to be able to refer it optimally for your child.

7. Eliminate distraction at the place and time of studies

Till some years ago parents would think keeping children away from laptops and mobiles phones was good enough to avoid getting them distracted. But now with online education and everything going digital, the ideal way is to find a dedicated learning spot for your kid. Your child will be able to focus more.

8. Inculcate the habit of taking short breaks every now and then

It is absolutely essential from fitness point of view and also to keep the mind from getting bored and studies becoming mundane. Encourage your child to take shorter breaks at regular gaps to refresh his brain and feel rejuvenated for the next session.

9Praise your child whenever required to build his confidence

Everyone loves to be appreciated and it is important for you as a parent to applaud your children to keep them motivated. Celebrating their insignificant successes is what positive parenting is all about and can contribute immensely to their success.

10Remain involved and closely monitor to help children de-stress at the right times

Donot start asking questions at the nth moment as that might not go down well with your kid. If you show interest since beginning, you need not even monitor round the clock. The trust and the faith are mutually built. You will the notice that children reach out themselves when they need help to brave out challenges in their lives.

Indeed, it is this support of parents that will help their children perform better in their exams and their lives.

10 Ways to nurture an exceptional employee experience

Generation Z also called Zoomers are the demographic group born roughly between the years 1995 and 2010 and considered to be the first digitally-native group. Did you know that studies reveal that Gen Z value ‘experiences’ over ‘materialism’ when it comes to their important life choices? Gen Z thrives in companies that provide them with an exceptional employee experience. So, what is it all about?

Here are 10 ways that companies can create an exceptional employee experience-

1. Make employees feel valued: Giving employees the feeling that they are welcome and valued is one of the critical factors of positive employee engagement. Employees who feel a deep sense of kinship to their company and its values contribute positively to an exceptional employee and organizational experience.

2. Provide a great onboarding experience: An exceptional employee experience is positive from beginning to end and this includes creating a good impression on new hires and those who are interviewing to join the company. Let the employees know from the get-go that their managers and company support their induction and overall growth. This is also a  great time to provide a realistic preview of the job to reduce later dissatisfaction.

3. Set SMART Goals: SMART Goals as the acronym suggests are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. Communicate your company’s mission and values clearly and effectively to employees. Ensure that the Goals you set for your team are SMART.

4. Focus on multi-dimensional engagement: Employees want to engage on different levels within the organization so the company must provide them with programs and platforms for their professional and personal development. Give employees multi-dimensional opportunities to express themselves, display leadership skills and build their confidence.

5. Encourage open and honest communication: Continue to foster an environment based on openness and trust where employees can express themselves not only through timed surveys but 365-day feedback channels. Provide employees with timely feedback so they can understand their responsibilities better.

6. Support teamwork and trust: Global work environments today require cross-functional teams coming together to solve novel problems. Managers and team leaders must create teams where a culture built on trust and openness motivates employees to give their best.

7. Highlight opportunities for advancement: Focus on employees’ career development and keep them informed about developing opportunities including those for advancement. This will help them plan around their goals better.

8. Provide access to mentors: Mentorship is beneficial to mentors and mentees. Mentors help their mentees set personal and professional development goals and enhance their sense of accountability. They also share the company’s values and belief system practically through their interactions.

9. Nurture entrepreneurship: Encourage employees irrespective of their organizational-level to express themselves, share their ideas and help them bring their ideas to life.

10. Encourage CSR opportunities: Employees especially those belonging to Generation Z consistently look for opportunities in Corporate Social Responsibility to effect change. Companies must provide adequate programs and platforms that nurture the spirit of giving and community-mindedness in employees.

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