Learn about HCLTech exciting early-career program from the TechBee candidates themselves

You would have read or heard a lot about HCL’s TechBee program online and on our website.  However, do you want to get first-hand feedback from TechBee students themselves? Afterall, who better to tell you practically about the program and the results subsequently? We presented some interesting questions to our students who recently passed out and started their early careers with HCLTech.

To begin with, let’s look at some responses to top 5 interesting questions!

Where did you hear about the TechBee program?

While candidates like Leela Sai Siva heard about the TechBee program from a newspaper article, some learnt about it via social media and some – from friends and family. While one candidate mentioned how the seniors in his school told him about the program, another said that she found it while searching online for opportunities after high school. If you are reading this article and interested in TechBee, where did you hear about our program?

What inspired you to apply for the TechBee program?

Manas feels that the biggest inspiration to join the program was the opportunity to work in one of India’s fastest growing IT companies – HCLTech.  Whereas another candidate – Aryan felt that the program was ‘unique’ and ‘very promising’ with the affiliation to BITS Pilani further boosting his interest in the program. While Meer, a TechBee feels that a secure job offers in HCLTech at the age of 18 was the best option for her, Akanksha cherishes the financial independence that the program gives which motivated her to apply. Are you inspired by our graduates to apply for this program? We look forward to getting to know you!

What aspect of the program did you like the most?

While Kuldeep values the consistent feedback he received through the program which helped him improve his performance, Ananya describes the entire experience as ‘top of the world’. Nikhitha felt that all TechBee trainers were friendly while ensuring that candidates were given tasks that challenged them. Yousuf felt that the communications training aspect of the program helped him a lot. Overall, candidates felt that opportunity to study and learn at the same time – while enjoying financial independence were aspects that appealed to them. HCL Tech Bee is a one-stop-shop for a student’s early-career education and placement and has many diverse and interesting aspects that appeal to different students.

What skill (apart from IT) has been enhanced through TechBee?

Mohammed feels that apart from IT, his communication and presentation skills have been enhanced a lot. Most importantly, he feels that TechBee gives students the opportunity to learn collaborative skills and take part in teamwork. While Suresh shares that the program’s focus on communication skills was useful for his overall growth, Dinakar believes the program enhanced his leadership skills. HCL TechBee is a comprehensive holistic program that focuses on the 360 degree growth of candidates. What are you waiting for? Get geared up for the digital revolution by equipping yourself with TechBee fueled skills.

Do you feel confident about the future especially during this pandemic?

An overwhelming majority of TechBee graduates who were pursuing their first job with HCLTech reported that they felt confident about the future despite the pandemic because of their association with the TechBee program. The security that came from being placed in their first job in a global renowned company like HCLTech was valuable to them. Candidates shared that they highly recommend TechBee as it not only gave them a strong foundation in technical knowledge but also created a platform for them to build their communication skills which, in turn, helped them bag a stable job – a fact that they cherish even more due to the uncertainty of the times.


Early career programs like HCL TechBee have diverse advantages that enable students to succeed in their early careers and be future ready for the digital tomorrow. As explained by our graduates, TechBee ensures that its students need neither outside personality development or communications skills program nor outside recommendations to secure a commendable position in the IT industry. At HCLTech, we believe that direct feedback from our TechBee graduates is valuable and lets our future candidates know about the quality of the program we offer. Contact us to learn more about HCL TechBee and we look forward to a collaborative journey with you.

5 latest trends in technology to skill yourself

As students who are keen in pursuing a potential career in Information Technology, it is important you keep an eye on the current trends in technology and see how you can skill yourself to play an integral role in this digital revolution. The global pandemic has accelerated an already fast-paced digital transformation and created new trends in technology.

Let’s explore 5 of the latest technology trends in information technology!

  1. MetaVerse
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. 5G
  4. Blockchain
  5. Educational Technology


Did you know that the word Metaverse was inspired by Snow Crash, a 1992 novel where users used the metaverse to escape to the future world? The metaverse is an online three-dimensional space where people can login as avatars to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other. The technologies that make up the metaverse include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Blockchain technology that combine aspects of the digital and virtual world. The metaverse propels the evolution of new technologies for its execution as it needs a ‘digital twin’ of a person to simulate real-world presence. Are you excited about building technology for this alternate virtual universe?


Did you know that cyber criminals cause millions of dollars in losses to businesses, societies and countries by hacking into the unauthorized accounts? With the world being more connected than ever before in the ‘new normal’, cyberattacks have increased in 2022. While emerging tech like artificial intelligence (AI) guards networks in real-time as opposed to understanding what went wrong post-attack; cloud computing offers end-to-end encryption for online data storage and data transfers. AI-powered cybersecurity is not only one of the current trends in technology, it’s also a cool field to skill yourself in as you get to be a superhero online by catching criminals.


5G is the 5th generational mobile network that virtually connects everyone and everything including machines, objects and devices. It is designed to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds and its low latency and efficiency make it connect more people seamlessly. 5G which has 100 times the speed of 4G makes data transfers, downloads, uploads and streaming much faster and will also boost IoT (the Internet of Things) – connected smart devices that operate together. Did you know that latest research suggests that 5G adoption will skyrocket in 2022 with 5G subscriptions predicted to surpass one billion this year?


Blockchain – a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems in a way that makes it impossible to change, hack or influence the system. Businesses run on information and the faster they receive accurate information, the better it is for the business. Blockchain delivers this information in a transparent and secure way. The key elements of a blockchain include distributed ledger technology, immutable records and smart contracts. Blockchain technology replaces the need for third-party validations and record keeping.


Educational technology includes the technology and media that facilitates learning and assists in the communication of knowledge. During the global pandemic, due to social restrictions, we have seen how physical classroom learning has been replaced by online instruction. Educational Technology companies are working on enhancing digital platforms for remote learning. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) help create immersive lessons that are fun and engaging for students. Gamification which involves using games as an instructional tool helps make even difficult subjects exciting and interactive.

Did you enjoy reading about the current trends in technology? Are you passionate about exploring the latest trends in information technology? Are you excited about standing on the cusp of this digital revolution and equipping yourself with the skills that matter to work in these interesting tech fields? Programs like HCL TechBee, give you the opportunity to prepare for a career in the emerging technologies right after Class XII and to get real-time experience of working on live projects in one of India’s best-known IT companies. What are you waiting for? Learn more today!