Common misconceptions about tech careers and how to avoid them

Feb 05, 2021

Common misconceptions about tech careers and how to avoid them

Let’s look at some common misconceptions about technology careers and how we can develop a more holistic understanding of the same.

Firstly, let’s understand what misconceptions are. They are views and opinions that are incorrect based on faulty thinking or understanding. When we begin to believe them and propagate them, it leads to unconscious bias and disharmony in the workplace and society. It is very important from a young age to understand the difference between misconceptions and facts.
A simple example of a misconception could be that cameras with more megapixels take better pictures. Did you know that the quality of a camera is influenced by the sensor quality and quality of lenses over megapixels? Many people buy expensive phones and cameras without knowing or researching this fact.

We must not form our views based on assumptions, and misconceptions. Why? This matters because our ideas and thoughts contribute to the community we study or work in, which in turn impacts society. Here are some examples of misconceptions about careers in technology. Let’s not fall prey to them!

Some common misconceptions in tech careers are:

Tech careers mean only programming
Tech careers include programming and much more. Working in tech gives us the opportunity to look at the world a whole new way and find out innovative ways to make things work. Tech careers empower students and candidates to believe that they have the capacity to solve problems that matter to them and their societies. People in tech careers do not sit in isolation and code in a dark room. They attend meetings, make presentations, work with international teams and upgrade their skills consistently.

You need to be good in Math to work in Tech
While those who are good with numbers have an edge while learning coding, one does not have to be good at Math to be successful in a tech career. Programs like JavaScript call for creativity and logic over numerical skills.

Tech jobs are not creative
This could not farther than the truth! Tech programmers write code that build spaceships, make interactive gaming fun and find creative ways to make life easier for users. User Experience, Web development, Digital Marketing, Product Design and App Development are some of the most creative fields today to express yourself in.

Only students from Engineering backgrounds can work in Technology
Do you know that the tech ecosystem is made of students from various backgrounds including English literature, liberal arts and political science? Technology companies not only have software development and engineering roles but also various functions important functions like Administration, Finance, Product Support and Human Resources. We live in the Internet age where the right passion and training can help anyone with the right attitude explore working across different functions.

Women are not meant to succeed in tech-careers like men
The tech world has many women leaders who inspire young talent everyday. Progressive technology companies across the world are transparent about their workforce diversity practices and encourage more women to join the tech field because in such professional companies, gender does not matter. There is a global drive across the world to recruit more women in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs and inspire them to contribute in the field of technology. Women and men are equally capable of high performance in tech roles.

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