Empowerment beyond education

Dec 17, 2021

Empowerment beyond education

What comes to mind when you hear the word HCL TechBee? Does it instantly make you think of a program that teaches you to be technically proficient while preparing you competently for an early-career in IT? A program that exposes you to the world of technology and empowers you with what matters? Well, you are right! But there’s more to this than meets the eye! Which is why we like to describe HCL Tech Bee  as a comprehensive 360 degree program that enhances many aspects of your professional life with your long-term success in mind.

HCL TechBee is all about empowerment! Let’s explore more about the multi-faceted benefits of this program through these 5 KEY POINTS  and learn how HCL TechBee not only effectively kickstarts your early-career but also empowers you to become a next-gen IT leader.


1. TechBee goes beyond IT education

2. TechBee gives you command over communication

3. TechBee makes you an effective team-player

4. TechBee improves your quantitative and logical reasoning skills

5. TechBee prepares you to be a next-gen IT leader

1. HCL TechBee goes beyond IT education

Of course, while one of the key highlights of the program is the best in-class IT education that it imparts, the focus is on giving you every opportunity to not only become technically proficient but also mould your personality to be effective as a problem-solver and team-player. The integrated education option that we provide helps you seamlessly learn in the classroom and practically apply what you learn there in the real-world scenario. Likewise, you can take back the learnings from your real-world training and discuss them in the classroom.

2. HCL TechBee gives you command over communication

You could be the best programmer in the world but if you are looking to be a next-gen leader then enhancing your communication skills  matter more than ever. Communication can only be understood to some extent from textbook learning and the more opportunities you have to take part in team discussions, present proposals and presentations and talk to customers – the more efficient you will become in getting your point across. TechBee candidates are given all these tailor-made opportunities to effectively work on their communication skills with feedback from trainers and mentors to give you the extra edge you need to be successful.

3. HCL TechBee makes you an effective team-player 

‘No man is an island’ is a popular saying we have all heard. The most inspiring leaders remind us that the ability to work well in a team is one of the most desirable traits in a candidate. Again, this is something you cannot learn from a text-book alone! Unless you are practically given opportunities to be an integral part of team, it will be difficult to understand how you will play a part in it especially during challenging times. At HCL TechBee, both inside and outside the classroom – you will learn to contribute effectively within a team and develop a sense of ownership and pride.

4. HCL TechBee improves your quantitative and logical reasoning skills

Remember when you were young and your parents and teachers constantly reminded you that the more you practice Mathematics, the better you will get at it. Why? The human mind feeds on the input it is given. The more practice we give our minds – the more efficiently it will absorb the input, process the problems and deliver the output – much like the Central Processing Unit of a computer.

Problem-solving skills including quantitative and logical reasoning skills do not manifest just overnight. While there are some people who have an aptitude towards this – the ones who manage to differentiate themselves effectively are the ones who practice on problems as much as they can. HCL TechBee candidates are given plenty of opportunities to improve their quantitative and logical reasoning skills by real exposure to problem-solving in real-time business scenarios under the guidance of experienced trainers, team leaders and mentors.

5. HCL TechBee prepares you to be a next-gen IT leader

HCL TechBee candidates become a part of larger HCLTech ecosystem with access to programs, platforms and a mentorship network that expands your horizons. HCLTech also has a keen focus on employee-run corporate social responsibility programs that expand your mind to think of ways you can make an impact on society. HCLTech is a democratic organization which means that the value you bring to the table is more important than your ranking or work band. So, developing your problem-solving and communication skills along with your technical skills will hold you in good stead in the long run. All of these qualities will help you position yourself as not only a successful candidate today but  a next-gen IT leader of tomorrow.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about HCL TechBee today to plan for a bright future tomorrow!