Hottest programming languages of 2021


Jan 26, 2021

Hottest programming languages of 2021

What are the hottest programming languages in demand right now? For example, in 2021, one of the world’s most trending companies and sophisticated automobile manufacturers, values these 5 programming language skills in their employees : (1) Python (2) SQL (3) C++ (4) Java (5) JavaScript

recent survey of 15,000 developers and HR managers reveals that JavaScript, Java and Python are the most sought-after languages for companies hiring in 2021, while knowledge of React, Node.js and .NET Core are also in high demand.



Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world today and is use in data analysis and artificial intelligence. Did you know that Python’s syntax is closer to human lingo than it is to machine code – making it an intuitive and user-friendly programming language that works on any operating system. Big companies like Instagram, Google, Facebook etc. use Python in their real-time applications.

FUN FACT: Python is easy to read because it does not use 0s and 1s and uses simple English instead.


SQL is a standard programming language for relational databases. It may be older than many newer types of code but continues to be one of the most widely implemented database languages. Global organizations like Amazon, Microsoft and Accenture use SQL to manage their databases.

FUN FACT: SQL was developed in the early 1970’s at IBM as a version called SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language) which later became known as SQL.

C++ is a complex cross-platform language that is used for high-performance applications. It gives programmers a high level of control over system resources and memory. Did you know that C++ is used in many gaming platforms? Popular organizations like NASA and companies like Evernote and LinkedIn use this language.

FUN FACT: C++ was originally called ‘The New C’ and the ‘++’ in its name denotes its improvement over the original C language.


Java is a cross-platform object-oriented programming language that is used to run various applications like games, social media applications and audio and video apps. Did you know that there are over 7 million Java developers across the world? Popular companies that use JAVA include Netflix, Airbnb and Google.

FUN FACT:  In the early 90’s, Java’s founder was building a set-top box and in the process accidentally discovered a new programming language which was first called Oak and now popularly known as Java.


JavaScript is a dynamically typed high-level language which turned 25 years old last year. It is used to write the largest number of programs because the most substantial webpages have some JavaScript embedded in them. Popular companies that use JavaScript include PayPal, Groupon and Uber.

FUN FACT : Did you know that JavaScript is considered to be one of the most confusing programming languages in the world by developers and was originally developed under the name Mocha?

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