Make your mark on the world with HCL TechBee

Dec 22, 2021

Make your mark on the world with HCL TechBee

Do marks matter?

The importance of examination results especially important ones like Board Exams of Class XII and Class X have always been a subject of debate. While some believe that it is absolutely important to get very high scores to prove oneself for college placements and future careers, some may give examples of those who did not get very high scores in important exams but still managed to make it big in life!

Of course, there are many students with outstanding capabilities in sports or other defining hobbies that make themselves indispensable to a college or company despite their average marks. Also, there are students who secured average marks in school but had a change in attitude during college and became single-minded in their goal to get a good career placement. In this case, the results of Board Exams may not matter so much

Understanding the passion and dedication of the world’s greatest tech wizards

Some of the world’s greatest tech wizards turned entrepreneurs who started the biggest companies of the world dropped out of high school! Well, do examination results really matter that much? Well, it is important here for us to realize that these tech wizards dropped out of high school because they had a ‘burning passion’ to study and understand their technology, a passion that became so consuming that they had no time for anything else but pursuing it! They were evolved beyond the limitations of their education curriculum and while we admire them, we must also acknowledge that their life stories come under exceptional circumstances.

However, they would not have become the business leaders they are today without this passion and single-minded focus to bring their ideas to life. So, let us assume that they did not drop out of high school to play videogames, chat with their friends and watch YouTube the whole day! We can keep extensively debating on the pros and cons of this subject and give many examples to illustrate our point of view. However, we must be careful not to manipulate these examples to our convenience and make excuses to have a ‘take it easy’ attitude in life. Instead, we must understand the importance of clear goals, passion and determination while planning for the future.

‘Expectations versus Results’

At the micro-level, we all belong to various forms of societies be it a school, apartment, community, college or program and at the macro-level, we belong to some form of township, city and country. To exist harmoniously at the micro or macro level, we have to follow certain rules and our work and contributions are usually measured based on protocols and results. For example – You might be a very kind person who likes to help a lot of needy people but as a citizen of a country, you also have the obligation to pay your taxes on time. When it is time to pay your taxes, you cannot give some other examples of how you served society and expect the Government to understand your point of view. Likewise, when you become a part of a company, your work will be meaningful only if it contributes to the expectations of your team-members and your customers. It might be the most brilliant display of coding but if it’s not practical for the solution – your brilliance alone will not save the day!

Whether it is a community, corporate or a country – there will always be a way that ‘expectations versus results’ are measured. Board Exam results give colleges and companies a clear indication of your attitude toward your education. While we live in an era where many forward-thinking organizations do not rely on these results alone and look at the overall personality of the candidate, we must try our best to present a good image of ourselves and good marks help more than average ones. Does this mean that the world has come to an end because your marks are not good enough? Absolutely not! Life will always give us opportunities to learn and nurture ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves. The world respects people who have gotten up and run after a fall as much as they respect those who make it quick to the finish line.

A determined mindset takes everything as learning

We all have the duty to work hard to follow the rules, which in the case of a student is to prepare well for the exams and focus on getting a good score. However, we must also try to develop a mind-set to accept the results graciously and learn as much as possible from the results. We must  certainly not get depressed or think life is over just based on exam results.

It is natural to feel anxious when you are standing at the crossroads of your life and career not knowing which path to take. Do your marks matter? Will you get a chance to succeed in life? Will you be able to follow your heart and realize your dreams?

An organized mind leads to an organized life. At HCL TechBee, we have organized a holistic program early-career program that is guaranteed to help you make your mark in this world and plan your future relying on us to deliver you with the skills needed for success.  Our program eligibility criteria ensures that opportunities are available for a wide variety of students from different backgrounds who are looking for a systematic way to plan their future. Whether marks matter or note, it’s time for you to make your mark on the world with HCL TechBee!