What makes an Ideapreneurship™ culture unique?


Sep 22, 2021

What makes an Ideapreneurship™ culture unique?

Almost overnight, a large portion of our nation’s workforce went remote in response to COVID-19 and efforts to flatten the curve. For some companies, the shift to working from home (WFH) was relatively seamless and required some minor adjustments. For others, it was (and continues to be) a big change.

While some governments loosened restrictions and lifted lockdowns in August, a recent surge in COVID-19 cases has already caused Sri Lanka to reintroduce a new round of lockdowns. Before employers can explore new ways to manage and collaborate with employees, and enable employees to connect with each other, they will need to delve deeper into organizational culture and mindset.

With HCL’s focus on becoming proactive ideators for their customers’ businesses, they believe they will spur company growth through both client and employee engagement and retention. Core to HCL’s approach are two thoughtful propositions:

  • Ideapreneurship™ – a client focused ideation-oriented, operational and cultural transformation that is occurring within the front-lines
  • Relationship Beyond the Contract – the organization’s brand promise and commitment to leveraging Ideapreneurship to deliver value that exceeds the stated contractual terms of a customer’s service agreement

HCL encourages its employees to take the initiative to shape the roles and define areas of work that will benefit directly from their individual expertise. This culture of Ideapreneurship™ is a result of HCL’s Employees First values, which collectively empower and encourage individual employees at all levels of the organization to come up with innovative solutions to operational and customer challenges.

How this benefits you

Ideapreneurship™ is all about employees taking the lead in finding solutions and ideas and then driving them to fruition. It puts employees at the forefront of innovation and enables them to collaborate with each other and with the customers to seed, nurture, and harvest ideas.

HCL’s vibrant culture motivates every employee to rise to the challenge of being an ideapreneur and transforms our employees into idea led entrepreneurs with the capability to change the business landscape and deliver positive outcomes.

By engaging, enabling and empowering our employees and giving them the license to ideate, they can find imbalances that can be turned into opportunities. By providing an environment of trust, transparency, flexibility, they transform into customer-centric value generators.

Ideapreneurship™ recognizes the untapped potential value of each employee, irrespective of designation, location or seniority, and encourages them to participate in everyday innovation. To learn more about HCL, visit www.hclsrilanka.com.