HCLTech’s Initiative Gives Gen-Z Employees Platform To Showcase Talent Beyond Work

What can bring six young tech professionals with diverse skillsets together to showcase their talent that goes beyond the usual work in office or from home and pursue their true passion for something they had always longed for?. Driven by HCLTech’s employee value proposition of Find Your Spark this is a unique and first-ever employee driven campaign of its kind in the company, HCLTech has successfully used music as a medium to enable a group of Gen Z employees find their spark beyond the confines of office space to create something more magical. Called TechBees, these employees coming join HCLTech through its early career program had the hunger and drive to maximize their potential and, in the process, supercharge their progress. At HCLTech, we have always believed that while we are a company that’s built on technology, it’s our people who are far more magical and powerful at work.

Traditionally, employee engagement initiatives in most organizations, including leading tech companies, has been mostly restricted to in office or on campus activities. It has been observed that when employees are given an opportunity to indulge and pursue activities beyond work it translates into better productivity, higher engagement levels and positive well-being.

Redefining the employee engagement experience and elevating it to a different level, HCLTech identified, harnessed, and nurtured these six TechBees passion for music and provided them the right platform to showcase talent through this specially curated song, ‘Tu Hai Wahi’. With little formal background or training in music, these enthusiastic TechBees were provided mentoring from trained music producers hired for this project followed by recording of their composition in a professional studio in Delhi NCR. To create buzz and excitement, the promos of the song have been released through social media handles of HCLTech.

Over the next few weeks, the complete video of song is slated to be launched on platforms like Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music etc.