Tech trends for 2021


Jan 26, 2021

Tech trends for 2021

As a future tech professional, it is important that you inculcate the habit of reading
industry-recognized reports and understanding the trends that shape the worldwide economy.

Reading reports not only will help your reading comprehension skills but will also improve your vocabulary and give you quality content to draw inspiration from for presentations, research projects and group discussions.

We are happy to present you with highlights from ‘Tech Trends 2021’, an acclaimed tech industry report presented by one of the world’s most reputed researchers. The report  features the opportunities, strategies and technologies that will drive new plans for the tech industry for the next 18-24 months. Click here to access the full report.

The 9 TECH TRENDS for 2021 and onwards:

Trend 1 – Strategy, engineered

  • In any organization, technology strategy and corporate strategy must be closely aligned.
  • Strategy development must be a continuous and dynamic process that thinks widely and creatively about the future.


Trend 2 – Core revival

  • Migrating legacy enterprise systems to the cloud helps unleash an organization’s digital potential.
  • For core modernization, companies are beginning to use clever outsourcing arrangements to reengineer traditional business cases.


Trend 3 – Supply unchained

  • Future-focused manufacturers, retailers and distributors are extracting more value from the data they collect, analyze and share across their supply networks.
  • Robots, drones and advanced image recognition is being used to make physical supply chain interactions more efficient, effective and safe for employees.


Trend 4 – MLOps: Industrialized AI

  • Sophisticated machine learning models help companies efficiently discover patterns and generate insights to improve organizational performance.
  • MLOps also known as ML CI/CD, ModelOps, and ML DevOps help organizations realize the transformative benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

Trend 5 – Machine data revolution : Feeding the machine

  • AI models that only rely on decision-making by humans could impede the full potential of Machine Learning.
  • Advanced data capture, structuring capabilities, and analytics help organizations convert volumes of data for future-ready foundations where machines can make more decisions.


Trend 6 – Zero trust: Never trust, always verify

  • Sophisticated cyberattacks and shifting enterprise environments make it necessary for organizations to employ a ‘zero trust’ approach where every access request should be validated based on all available data points like user identity, device, location etc.
  • Zero trust security architectures built on automation and engineering strengthens security management and overall end-user experience.


Trend 7 – Rebooting the digital workplace

  • As the COVID-19 induced ‘Work From Home’ (WFH) protocol continues for the foreseeable future, organization leaders are confronted with the question of whether WFH is a rule or an exception.
  • Organizations will use data generated from workers’ tools and performs to improve organizational efficiency.


Trend 8 – Bespoke for billions : Digital meets physical

  • 2020 is the turning point when most of the population adapted to digital interactions to conduct their everyday lives.
  • Customers will expect a blend of physical and digital brand experiences going forward.


Trend 9 – DEI tech: Tools for equity

  • Organizations are embracing DEI: diversity, equity and inclusion as business imperatives
  • Advanced analytics, automation and AI will help inform, deliver and measure the impact of DEI.


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